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Polyamory has strengthened our relationship and our bond exponentially!

If you asked us 15 years ago whether we saw ourselves becoming a polyamorous couple and searching for another soulmate, we definitely would have answered no! Our journey into the world of  polyamory began many years into our relationship, but we didn't actively start practicing polyamory until about five years ago.  Now we consider ourselves two obtuse angles just trying to find our missing piece of our triangle!  So we're back on the dating market (as a duo this time!) and boy, has the dating scene changed since we were both single!  We make music, dance, & create funny videos while sharing the beauty of LOVE IN ABUNDANCE with the world! We answer all your questions about our poly story on our YouTube channel!  Just click the video below and subscribe!  

Humans have an infinite capacity to love... 

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-The Lucids 

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